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Friday, 17 June 2005 00:00

History and Perspectives – Starting 25 years ago, in 1980, International Fracture Mechanics Summer Schools (IFMASS) had been organized eight times, the last one in 2003. Topical monograph was published in Serbian after first seven Schools under the School title, e.g. "Fracture Mechanics of Weldments" (IFMASS 3), "The Application of Fracture Mechanics to Life Estimation of Power Plant Components" (IFMASS 5), published also in English by EMAS. The IFMASS 8 monograph "From Fracture Mechanics to Structural Integrity Assessment" has been published in English. It is available at web site

The number of participants was from 62 in the first School, up to 145 in IFMASS 5, and 107 in IFMASS 8. The IFMASS lecturers staff included more than 70 well known world experts, e.g.: P. Albrecht, M. Burdekin, D. Francois, H. Hoffmeister, I. Hrivnak, V. Ivanova, J. Landes , J. Joyce, H. Mac Henry, A. Mazur, G. Pluvinage, J. Radon, M. Ratwani, D. Read, K. H. Schwalbe, T. Siewert, R. Stephens, V. Troshchenko, M. Wnuk, including many lecturers from former Yugoslavia.

Two basic reasons to organize the Ninth International Fracture Mechanics Summer School (IFMASS 9) are:
- After successful IFMASS 8, organized by DIVK in 2003 in Belgrade (Serbia) with 25 presented lectures and participants from Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey and Albania, the extension of the School in other countries of South-East Europe (SEE) will enable regular and fruitful gathering of the experts in Structural Integrity of this region.
- In the SEE extended region, the annual organisation of IFMASS could attract significant number of new young participants and enable regional cooperation, these days strongly supported by the European Union.

New development during IFMASS had been considered by WORKSHOP. This time, Workshop in IFMASS 9
New Trends in Fracture Mechanics Applications
includes nanomaterials, numerical analysis and welded structures, moderated by A. Shelev, H. Walter, G. Pluvinage, and A. Sedmak.

IFMASS 9 Program

Lecture Lecturer
A. Fundamentals
1 Crack problems in structures (crack resistance, fatigue, creep, corrosion) S. Sedmak
2 Basic of damage mechanics D. Šumarac
3 Mathematical modeling of time-dependent fracture in advanced aerospace materials M. Wnuk
4 Advanced structural steels N. Radović
5 Micromechanical analysis in structural integrity assessment M. Rakin
A. Sedmak
6 Energy analysis of ∆K and ∆J: fatigue - data presentations D. Angelova
7 Fracture mechanics safety analysis in nuclear industry: from material properties to structural integrity S. Vodeničarov
8 Failure criteria based on the equivalent stress gradient K. Hadjov
B. Experiments and testing
9 Residual stresses induced by welding M. Zrilić
10 Crack problems in welded joints K. Gerić
11 Significance of mechanical testing for structural integrity V. Grabulov
Z. Burzić
12 Testing for detection and evaluation of cracks M. Kirić
13 Materials characterization and testing of soldered joints B. Michel
H. Walter
C. Service problems
14 Identification of damage in building structures using dynamical method A. Baltov
15 Failure at elevated temperature V. Šijački
16 Behaviour of welded structure at high temperature B. Dogan
B. Petrovski
17 Investigations on composite materials - applications for reinforcement of steel-concrete structures D. Dontchev
K. Hadjov
18 Stress intensity factors and integrity assessment by strain gauges and photoelasticity D. M. Constantinescu
D. Structural integrity assessment
19 Failure and damage in pipes G. Pluvinage
20 Numerical analysis of welded structures for structural integrity assessment A. Sedmak
T. Manevski
21 Fracture mechanics for the "Fitness for purpose" evaluation of weldments A. Schelev
N. Lolov
22 Thermoelastic methodology for structural integrity assessment L. Marşavina
23 Limit load calculation model of ductile failure of defective pipe and pressure vessel I. Orynyak
24 Structural integrity assessment procedures and their application G. Adžiev

Lecturers and Schedule
– The lecturers from Serbia are mostly in the lists of experienced lecturers from former IFMASS's: Prof. Dr. Katarina Gerić, Dr. Vencislav Grabulov, Dr. Miodrag Kirić, Prof. Dr. Taško Manevski. Prof. Dr. Nenad Radović, Dr. Marko Rakin, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Sedmak, Prof. Dr. Stojan Sedmak, Prof. Dr. Vera Šijački Žeravčić, Prof. Dr. Dragoslav Šumarac, Dr. Milorad Zrilić
The names in the lecturers list from Bulgaria are well known in materials science, welding and fracture mechanics: Prof. Dr. Donka Angelova, Prof. Dr. Angel Baltov, Dr. D. Dontchev, Prof. Dr. Kliment Hadjov, Prof. Dr. Nikolay Lolov, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Schelev, Prof. Dr. Stefan Vodenicharov.

The list of lecturers is completed by invited experts in the field from France: Prof. Dr. Guy Pluvinage; Germany: Prof. Dr. Bilal Dogan, Prof. Dr. Blagoj Petrovski, Prof. Dr. Bernd Michel, Dr. Hans Walter; Romania: Dr. Liviu Marşavina, Prof. Dr. D. Constantinescu; Ukraine: Dr. I. Orynyak; Macedonia: G. Adžiev

IFMASS9 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
19.9. 20.9. 21.9. 22.9. 23.9.
8.30-10 Registration C14 & A8 B11 & B12 A2 & C17 C18 & D21
10 Opening Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
10.30-12 A7 & A3 A4 & A5 B9 & B10 C15 & C16 D23 & D20
12 Coffee Lunch Lunch
12.15-13 A1 B13 D21 & D24
13-16 Lunch Lunch Bulgarian Lunch
16-17.30 D19 & A6 workshop side initia- workshop Closing
17.30 Coffee tive for pa- Coffee
18-18.45 workshop rticipants workshop
19.30 Gala Dinner

IFMASS 9 will be held in Zlatni Piastci (Golden Sand) at the Black Sea coast, 20 km from Varna, the third biggest city in Bulgaria.

Varna is 470 km from Sofia and 530 km from the border with Serbia. Good communication by air (international airport), rail road (daily trains Belgrade – Varna) and road, (daily bus Belgrade – Varna). Participants also can use very convenient arrangement offered by ARGUS TOURS, Belgrade, Balkanska 51, tel. +381 11 361 76 60

For participants from Serbia the arrangement from 16th to 27th September is available with ARGUS TOURS. The arrangement in Astoria Beach Hotel (****) includes 9 overnights in double bedroom, from 17th to 25th September, at the price of 115 € and bus transfer Belgrade – Hotel in Golden Sand and back for 3.999,00 dinars (about 50 €). The other participants can also use the accommodation and meals at the same price by ARGUS TOURS or by its Bulgarian partner AQUAMARINE HOLDING-BULGARIAN VIP TOURS. We would be happy to assist you in finding suitable hotel accommodation.

Registration fee is 80 Euro, for DIVK members 60 Euro and 40 for young researchers. The registration fee can be paid at the reception desk of the Conference on the opening day.

Mr. Ljubica Milović, IFMASS 9 secretary
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Karnegijeva 4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Tel. +381 63 8124965 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
DIVK Office, Bulevar voj. Mišića 43, room 258, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
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Prof. Stojan Sedmak & Prof. Dragoslav Šumarac
Society for Structural Integrity and Life- DIVK

Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43, 11000 Belgrade, SCG

Prof. Stefan Vodenitcharov
Institute of Metal Science, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

67 Shipchenski Prohod, 1574Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Petar Darjanov
Bulgarian Welding Society
1000 Sofia, Kliment Ohridski 8, TU-Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Donka Angelova
University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

8 Kliment Ohridski Blvd., 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria



IFMASS 8 monografija