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Monday, 15 June 2009 00:00

Ninth International Conference

New Trends in

"Failures of materials and structures by fatigue and fracture"

sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia


October 12-14, 2009


Aerial view of Belgrade downtown and river shores


Crack is a dominant feature in both, fatigue and fracture. In the last decades, in practical application of fracture mechanics for structural integrity assessment any kind of defects had been considered as a crack, in order to produce conservative results, covering in this way safety factors. This approach required also other simplification, although in many cases expensive procedures for determining fracture toughness was necessary. The development in experimental technique, primarily in non-destructive testing, and in numerical analysis, enabled to deal with more accurate input data, and as a consequence less conservative results could be obtained. Therefore, improvements in non-destructive testing methods and refinements in numerical analysis should be considered as new trends in the analysis of fatigue and fracture of materials and structures.
Fast development and extensive application of nano structures and nano technology have opened two new questions. First one is how to assess the safety and reliability of nano structures. The second is whether the theoretical approach of fracture mechanics, based on atomic model, can cover problems of crack tip, crack initiation and propagation in nano materials.
Indicated four topics also have an important effect on the fields in which consideration of fatigue and fracture is well established, offering more accurate analysis for structural metallic materials and welded joints, and plastics. They are of special interest for new materials, such as composite, nano and biomaterials, attractive challenge for the scientists because of the variety of new opened research topics.
Finally, we would like to note that the NT2F9 Conference is an excellent place for reviewing critically design practice and codes in view of the increasing complexity of the engineering scenarios.


A. Cracks and defects
- at macro, micro, meso and nano level
- initiation and growth
- detection
- significance assessment (size and location)

B. Stress and strain
- measurement
- distribution
- numerical analysis
- variable and multiaxial stress

C. Material
- steel (structural, high-strength, alloyed)
- other metallic structural materials
- plastics and composites
- biomaterials
- nano materials

D. Structure
- integrity
- safety
- reliability
- envirnoment (temperature, attack)
- nano structures
- scale effect
- welded joints behaviour
- design codes and directives

Approaches to topics can be theoretical, experimental, numerical, with attention paid to practical application.


- Ljubica Milović, chairman
- Aleksandar Đurović, secretary
- Philippe Jodin
- Nenad Gubeljak
- Milorad Zrilić
- Zoran Radaković
- Miodrag Arsić
- Mersida Manjgo
- Gorgi Adžiev
- Dražan Kozak
- Liviu Marsavina
- Rozina Yordanova


- Aleksandar Sedmak, co-chairman from the organizing country
- Guy Pluvinage, co-chairman of the country-founder of NT2F
- Stojan Sedmak
- Laszlo Toth
- Ky Dang-Van
- Donka Angelova
- Radu Bancila
- Liviu Marshavina
- Todor Adžiev
- Marko Rakin

Pobednik (The Victor), a symbol of Belgrade


Venue and accommodation
The Conference NT2F9 will be held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, located on the confluence of river Sava to river Danube, with exclusive scenery. The days in October in Serbia are generally very pleasant, with nice weather. NT2F9 will be organized at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (TMF) and at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (MF), both situated in the central area of Belgrade city. The participants will be accommodated in hotels close to the TMF and MF.
Registration fee
100 € for authors with contribution and members of DIVK
150 € for participants
Registration fee includes participation to the sessions, the CD with presented contributions and attendance to the Conference dinner.

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- Fee payment - September 1, 2009
- Submission of power point presentations - September 25, 2009
- Full papers for CD version – October 5, 2009

The Old Palace

Registration form and the address can be found at conference website: http://nt2f9.tmf.bg.ac.rs/