Papers submitted for publication may be written in English and/or in Serbian (preferably in both).

Papers written in English from non-Serbian speaking authors will be translated into Serbian.

Please refer to the detailed instructions outlined in the PDF document here, or use the MS Word document example as a template - instructions for authors.doc

Each paper must include a short abstract and keywords. Name(s) of author(s) should be given above the title. Please include full names (with official title, institute or company affiliation, etc.), the exact address and e-mail for correspondence.

Alphanumerics, figures, and symbols should be clearly denoted so that no doubts about their meaning can arise.

Equations may be processed in Equation Editor or in MathType and their number is placed in parentheses aligned at the right column margin. Equations should be referenced using the form "Eq. [2]" or simply [2].

Figures should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers and have descriptive captions, and should be mentioned in the text. Please submit original hard copy photos or films if figures do not fulfill standards for colour separated printing and reproduction.

References are quoted in the text by a corresponding number in slashed brackets, / /.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editors-in-chief, both as hard copies and electronically - processed in MS Word for Windows, versions 2000 or above, if possible. Electronic copies may be sent on floppy or CD. Please send to, or to the editors directly, and/or, and limit to 10 MB. Use multiple archived volumes for files exceeding this limit.