Vol.20, No.3, 2020, pp. 255–262


Madeva Nagaral1, V. Bharath2, Virupaxi Auradi2

1) Aircraft Research & Design Centre, HAL, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

email: madev.nagaral@gmail.com

2) Department of Mechanical Engineering Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka, INDIA



In the current investigation, the microstructure, and mechanical properties of Al7049-4 and 8 wt.% of 80-90 micron size B4C particulate reinforced composites are displayed. The composites containing 4 and 8 wt.% of B4C in Al7049 alloy are synthesized by liquid metallurgy method. For the composites, fortification particles are preheated to a temperature of 400°C and afterward added in ventures of two into the vortex of liquid Al7049 alloy compound to improve the wettability and dispersion. Microstructural examination was carried out by SEM, EDS and XRD. Mechanical properties of as cast Al7049 alloy and Al7049-4 and 8 wt.% of B4C composites are evaluated as per ASTM standards. Microstructural characterization by SEM and EDS confirmed the distribution and presence of micro B4C particles in the Al7049 alloy matrix. Presence of B4C phase is confirmed by the XRD patterns. The hardness, ultimate, yield and compression strength of Al7049 alloy are enhanced with the incorporation of 4 and 8 wt.% of micro B4C particles. Further, ductility of Al7049 alloy has decreased with the presence of B4C particles. Fractography is studied on tested samples to know the various fracture mechanisms.

Keywords: Al7049 alloy, B4C particulates, microstructure, tensile strength, fractography

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