Vol.16, No.2, 2016, pp.125–130
UDC  535.2:519.6


Vladimir M. Miljković1, Aleksandra D. Mitrović2, Dragomir Stamenković3, Dejana P. Popović4, Djuro Lj. Koruga2

1)Eindhoven University of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

2)University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia, dkoruga@mas.bg.ac.rs

3)University of Belgrade, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Belgrade, Serbia

4)Vinča Institute of Nuclear Technology, Department of Quality, Serbia


A Monte Carlo model of steady state light transport in contact lenses has been coded in ANSI Standard C. The Monte Carlo simulation offers a flexible, yet rigorous approach to photon transport in tissue which can be applied on the lenses as well. The method describes local rules of photon propagation that are expressed as probability distributions. However, the method is statistical and as such relies on calculating the propagation of large number of photons. As a result, this method requires a large amount of computational time. This method is applied on the lenses and the obtained results are presented. The results confirm the possibility for the theoretical prediction of optical properties of materials.

Keywords: Monte Carlo method, photons transport, propagation, lenses, optics

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