Structural Integrity and Life

Vol. 4, No 2, 2004

(Special Issue)

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In memory of Mladen Berković  (in PDF, 166 kB)

Sećanje na Mladena Berkovića  (in PDF, 166 kB)

M. Berković

Determination of Stress Intenisity Factors Using Finite Element Method

M. Berković

Numerical Methods in Fracture Mechanics

M. Berković

Problems of Plane and Triaxial Stress States in Pressure Vessels and Pipelines

M. Berković, S. Maksimović, A. Sedmak

Analysis of Welded Joints by Applying the Finite Element Method

M. Berković, A. Sedmak

The Application of Finite Element Method in Calculation of Thin Shell J Integral

A. Sedmak, M. Berković, N. Savović

Numerical Analysis of Surface Crack Problems in Pressure Vessels

Vesti / News  (in PDF, 419 kB)