Vol.23, No.2, 2023, pp. 155–160


Aleksandar Milivojević*, Miroljub Adžić, Mirjana Stamenić, Vuk Adžić

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, SERBIA

*email: amilivojevic@mas.bg.ac.rs



The quite certain introduction of hydrogen and mixtures of hydrogen and low calorific value gases (biogas and landfill gas) for the energy needs of modern society reveals a number of open questions related to the problems of applying these fuels in future commercial gas devices and systems. Currently, fuel cells are the only commercialized devices for using hydrogen. In the case of using hydrogen by the combustion method, there are already commercialized gas turbines of high power, while in the case of devices of lower power, manufacturers are still in the research and development phase. Serbia is given the opportunity to be in the process of developing the technology for the application of hydrogen in the energy sector.

Keywords: hydrogen, fuel cells, biogas, landfill gas, safety asset, improved combustion stability

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