Vol.21, No.1, 2021, pp. 85–90


D. Tanasković1, B. Đorđević2, M. Gajin1, M. Aranđelović2, N. Gostović3, N. Milovanović2

1) HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel, Smederevo, SERBIA

2) University of Belgrade, Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, SERBIA

email: brdjordjevic@mas.bg.ac.rs

3) Messer Tehnogas AD Beograd, SERBIA



The selection of the electrode for repair welding is one of the activities needed before repairing machine parts. In this case, damages that have occurred in a burner pipe welded joint during manufacture or previous repair welding have resulted in the need to replace the previously used electrodes with more suitable ones for the exploitation conditions to which the burner is subjected. For this purpose, 2 specimens welded with 2 different electrodes (Castolin and 6825 and PIVA 25/20 B) are cut from the pipes and tested. Micro- and macro-analyses of these specimens are performed, along with hardness testing. It is concluded that the Castolin 6825 electrode is better suited for burner pipe repair welding. Following this, the test repair welding of the burner pipe is performed. In addition to penetrant tests of the welded pipe, a short overview of the techno-economic analysis of the repaired pipe is given, including the ratio of repair price to the price of manufacturing a new burner.

Keywords: repair welding, microstructural analysis, techno-economic analysis, cracks, X12NiCrSi35-16 alloy

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