Vol.18, No.2, 2018, pp. 105–110


Ljubinko Janjušević

University of Belgrade, Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mech. Eng., Belgrade, Serbia



Analysed are the developments of military equipment and the impact of Mihailo Petrović’s inventions on them. Great contribution from the works of our scientists and inventors to the development of world science in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century is noted. The great mathematician, physicist and theorist believed that only the specific mechanisms and technical solutions, or how he used to say – materialized differential equations basically serve people. A presentation of his solutions and comparing them to the present state of knowledge has clarified him as an important pioneer in solving many technological prob¬lems. The aim of his inventions was primarily an attempt to solve the major problems of science and technology of his time. Always keeping in mind the ability to manufacture, he installed conventional industrial machine members into ‘his mechanisms’. A review of his work from this perspective proves the significance of his solutions to future technical development, but at the same time the unreadiness of the industry to invest ‘unsafe’ regardless of their far-reaching benefits. Taking into account primarily the needs of the industry and its capabilities, Mihailo Petrović solves vital problems and opens the way for new ideas and improves existing solutions. When talking about his ideas, we need to take into account the current needs of the industry, and also to prepare future developments and uncertainties.

Keywords: range finder, automatic transmission, ballistics, gun barrel

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