Vol.17, No.3, 2017, pp.203–209
UDC 629.735.01


Katarina Maksimović1, Ivana Vasović2, Mirko Maksimović3, Dragi Stamenković4, Dragana Turnić5 Vandana Gupta, Satya Bir Singh

1)City Administration of the City of Belgrade, Serbia, katarina.maksimovic@beograd.gov.rs

2)University of Belgrade, Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

3)Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage, Belgrade, Serbia

4)IDS GmbH Oberhausen, Germany

5)University of Niš, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Niš, Serbia


The subject of this investigation is focused on developing a computation procedure for optimal design of aircraft structural components with respect to stress, displacement and technology constraints. Attention is focused on minimal weight design of plates with a reinforced hole. The optimal design procedure is based on combining the finite element method (FEM) for structural analysis with using optimality criteria (OC) method in the optimisation process. Special attention is focused on optimal design of structural components with reinforced holes. The effect of the shape of reinforcements around the hole on the optimal design is analysed. Some practical design examples are used to illustrate the capability of this procedure.

Keywords: optimal design, minimum weight design, stress constraints, finite element method

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