Vol.10, No2, 2010, pp.111-116
UDC  620.179.15 : 621.746.32


Emil Mihailov, Venko Petkov

University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Sofia, Bulgaria


Knowledge of the condition and properties of refractory brick on the roof and sidewalls is essential when assessing the stability and integrity of furnace. Nondestructive testing and monitoring of the refractory lining would lead to better safety, longer service life of the vessels, controlled maintenance and increased production. The equipment surface temperature appears to be a reliable indicator of the refractory condition.

Infrared cameras are a perfect solution for a contactless monitoring during operation. Visual evaluation, thermal modelling based on thermal couple readings and mathematical simulations and infrared thermography are used for thermal insulator thickness estimation. Non-destructive testing techniques are the preferable methods to provide details about the condition of existing structures.

As a step towards predictive maintenance procedure realisation of high temperature equipment, mathematical modelling of heat transfer in refractory lining has been undertaken. A numerical model is used for prediction of the wall temperature fields during the operation depending on wear thickness and used materials. The calculated lining temperature fields in combination with the results of temperature measurements can be used to analyse the wear rates of the equipment.

Keywords: ladle refractory lining, infrared thermography, thermal modelling, numerical modelling, service life

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